Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Art Education is the REAL Anti-Drug Program

Hello fellow art & book lovers! I've been crazy busy processing lots and lots of new books that I won with a grant last year! I've also been busy helping the kids work on the Ezra Jack Keats "Snowy Day" panel. Check tomorrow's post about that! You know how much I HEART Ezra Jack!!!

So we had a teacher's workday Monday--among the lots and lots of paperwork, I had a chance to prime our library doors (they had only been painted in about 60 coats of Navy Blue--lol) and then I had a chance to paint a quick Quote from Fred Babb (God rest his beautiful soul) about Art Education which I totally believe...which is why I continue to work in public education--I really believe there are many kids who learn differently--who see the world differently--and if it wasn't for tapping into that part of themself--would end up leaving traditional school period. ART is healing~!
So it's hard to see a bit in a photograph, but the quote is beautiful upon finger-painted blobs! It's also a great attention getter. I've noticed a beautiful painting, most people just walk right past--but something that's wild and shocking to their visual intake, will make them STOP and try to figure it out. That is the purpose of these doors--to make people STOP and read this quote, which I hope will make them re-think Arts in Education.

Arts in Education: The REAL Anti-Drug program

"Art and Music are the drugs of choice for millions of kids. If we expect them to just say no to a chemical high, we must recognize the healing alternative of their own creativity.
Support the real anti-drug program:
Arts in Education"
Fred Babb

Lots of Love,
Madame BooksmART