Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Artist Tiles on

Okay so I absolutely LOVE art history--and I started an Artist of the Month program at our school. This month is Andy Warhol (eeek! I love Andy)....
So I started drawing super fast caricatures on cheap porcelain tiles to have a visual reminder for the kids when we learn about an Artist.
Here's my first one for Andy Warhol--GOSH I love Andy!

Andy Warhol

Next, I sketched a quick one for our Visiting Artist Dr. Peggy--she's so full of life and sass--I love that lady!

Dr. Peggy

The most current tile was one I sketched from our most recent Visiting Artist: Nicole Weaver. MAN I absolutely HEART this lady too--and all her tattoos! 

Nicole Weaver

Okay that's it for the tiles until we start another artist--wonder who that will be next month? 

Lots of Library Artsy Love,
Madame BooksmART