Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just Fabulous! Andy Warhol

So I decided this week to focus a bit on still life but Pop Art style, with my chosen artist as my beloved, Andy Warhol. In my dreams, Andy and I have deep conversations. He really was a kind and very patient person...a little wild in appearance and action, but a gentle soul.
Okay, so to kick off our Soup Can Still Life lesson, I painted a pair of VERY old worn out jeans that I almost tossed. I painted them with my favorite Andy Warhol quote, and his iconic soup can and banana. Yes I love the banana--sue me.
Quote says: You have to be willing to get happy over nothing--Andy Warhol

How did I paint them? EASY--I just used my Stabilo pencil to sketch them out directly on a really really really old worn pair of jeans; then I used artist quality acrylic pants. After letting them dry completely, I heat set them with the iron.

So I read the students Fabulous: The Life of Andy Warhol and we really discussed Andy's life. i could tell many of the students were really touched by his kind and shy demeanor, his audacity in wearing wigs and not worrying about what folks thought. Yes he's Andy Warhol, and yes he was just what they needed. A person who is going against the grain and who keeps drawing through all of life's troubles and heartaches. They loved him--ahhhhh.....

Then I marched them over to the Andy Warhol bulletin board and display I created. I create an Artist focused bulletin board display in the media center each month. I display books about the artist students can check out. I only had to collect a hundred Campbells' soup cans to create the display, but hey if Andy's mama fed him soup every day for 6 months, my own two sons could eat soup for the summer...and yes they did! lol!
Each student grabbed a soup can to look at it while creating a still life drawing. They used their T-Squares to measure and create frames, registry marks to make sure the label and can was correctly spaced (well as close as we could get--they are 10 after all--and then we used the rulers to find the center-point, so we could "attempt" to correctly kern our lettering on our cans. It will take them at least another session to create their own soup and design their can. Then we will watercolor them and display them on our Andy Warhol bulletin board. It was an entire math lesson!

I'll update the post when they finish their Soup Cans... I can't wait--I've already seen Polka Dot Soup and Zombie Soup...man these kids are creative--awesome!!!

Lots of Love,
Ms. BooksmART