Monday, October 20, 2014

Visiting Artist: Neo-Expressionist and Primitive Artist:::::: NICOLE Weaver:::::

I absolutely love primitive art and Neo-expressionism artwork. The first time I saw Basquiat, I had to read everything I could about him. His artwork touched me deep inside, and I have never stopped loving him as an artist and person.
Well while I was visiting at the Public library, I happened upon Nicole's artwork on exhibit, and I fell in LOVE! Here's a few pieces I saw while I was there.

Well of course, I started calling my other artist friends and found out that one of them knew her! Aha! That is how I ended up befriending the most amazing primitive and Neo-expressionist artist in our town, Nicole Weaver. I absolutely LOVE every single piece of artwork this lady creates! Her personality is so warm and witty--she won the kids over immediately!

Here's a photo of Nicole showing the kids how to use the circle daubers (yes I had to run out and buy 4 more bags--she was so sweet to bring us an entire bag to play with)...but the kids just had to be able to take some home to play with! I think we are still caught up on making circles (heeeheee)
Nicole shows how to use the Circle brushes

Okay well that's it for now! I hear the paper will be publishing an article about Germany invading our school! I invited Nicole for our visiting artist, since she's from Germany... so I will post a photo of the article when I see it!

Lots of Library Art Love,
Madame BooksmART