Monday, January 5, 2015

365 Days to Create:::: "Free Spirit" # 2: Come have fun with me! Giveaway

First rough sketch of the year: Free Spirit (Happy Lark is on my shoulder waving)

Hello everyone:: super awesome Monday blessings to all my wonderful amazing bloggy artsy friends!
This is a new year, and I've decided to JUMP back in creating EVERY day if I can! I've decided if I don't do anything but sketch a quick little bit of happy art, I'm going matter how quick, fast, shabby, or simple.
How have you started off your New Year? I've decided to start my new year with a with a positive affirmation every single day::
My affirmation for today is: 
365 Days
I have a NEW YEAR:::: I have 365 New Days::: I have 365 New Chances: 
I'm going to say this over and over today:: no matter what I'm doing. Life is precious!

What about you? Are you ready to just GET messy and do some art, no matter what kind it is.. I know I am::: I think the reason we all love to create art (cards, treat bags, sketches, paintings, collages, altered art, etc.. is because it gives us a creative outlet:: a way to take what is in our souls and put them in a visible format:: a way from heart to hands!
Who's ready? You can use any theme, any products, anything!
Okay so let's do a FUN artsy giveaway (because it's just so fun!) and super easy challenge (I don't care when you made it::)
I want everyone to add a comment, post a link to your OWN blog post or piece of artwork that makes you feel creative, and then share this with someone else.  If you want to follow my blog to keep up with me, great! I'll return the favor, but it's not mandatory::
Ta-da!Art magic: We are already creating:: creating art, creating happiness, creating joy within ourselves and sharing it with others!

I'm giving away: an Amazon Gift Card ($10) so you can TREAT yourself to an art bite:: maybe a sketch set, or a prismacolor pencil or two, maybe a gel pen set, maybe a stamp set, maybe a sketchpad, maybe some ink pads, or vinyl, or whatever art snack (I like to say sch-nack) that fills your soul::: I'll choose the winner randomly from the comments on January 12'th: woot! woot!

Here's my sketch for today: I'm hoping to finish it by tonight and paint it (will update) so come back and check it out once I have COLOR on it...... What do you think? I can't wait to start coloring her with my paints, crayons, and goodness knows what else!!! Make sure to link your project so I can come over: I promise if you leave me a comment, link up, or follow me, I will do the same for you. So get out there and spread the ARTSY love!

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Lots of Artsy Love,
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