Monday, January 19, 2015

Free to Fly::: Wire Sculpted Bird

Hello my lovelies::: I am so happy to be blogging this AM (yes it's 8 minutes before noon:: so it still counts as a lovely beautiful morning with coffee in hand). I feel every time I sit down to blog, I am speaking with old friends (the best kind: the kind that understand, who listen, nod in agreement, and all of this happens over smiles and coffee or tea).
As I sit here blogging, my beautiful husband and son are headed to the studio where they are building a closet for the air handler (yes I am finally going to get Central Heat and Air in the studio)...they are also assembling two more shelves for my store room. They reminded me to quickly get up there so I can begin putting away my inventory. They were so kind yesterday to hang all my large canvases that I ordered on a hanging shelf at the top of the ceiling:::
So I have two pet chickens who are such sweet lovelies and dear birdies:: their names are Oatsy and Creamy and are about 6 months old: I love them dearly! Why Oatsy is such a precious girl, she gave me a precious gift yesterday: her first egg! I heard this cackling song: I hurried outside worried about what could be bothering my sweet little hen, and she was dancing around her egg!!! I have no idea where Creamy is laying her eggs:: Creamy is the witty one: the smart little chick who has caught the attention of the tiny bantam rooster down the street (*now that is another story for another day*) heehe
Oatsy is the reddish bird on the left, and Creamy is the bird on the right

So I was outside yesterday visiting with my chickens, and saw a small bundle of chicken wire we had obviously just discarded to the side after working on the coop this past summer. I picked it up and took it inside and just began sculpting with it while talking to my oldest son, Jasper. In just a few minutes, I had established a bird form, and then my son Jasper, formed the legs for me to put on the base. 
Bird sculpted (Shown looking from top)

Then I began creating a small base for it to support the weight of the chicken wire: this was most fun, as I had a few old pieces of printed children's blocks. This one had an odd cartoon bunny on it, and I absolutely LOVE my chalk paint because I didn't have to sand it, or prime it or anything:: just started painting, and voila!
Here Jasper has captured me finishing the last bit of paint on the base of the sculpture. Just wait till you see how I finish it! (That is another story for another day, but soon).

So what do you think? I have never sculpted a bird, but how fitting is?  This is my own original design and idea (aren't those just the best? Because they just happen without any inspiration or forethought:: they just come into life)
I absolutely LOVE birds:: I believe they must be my Totem:: because for all of my life I have been attracted to birds::: and how appropriate to create them with chicken wire! 

What do you think about this project? You will have to come back and see how I finish it::

Lots of Artsy Love,