Friday, January 23, 2015

Hope is Found in the Heart:::::

Hope by K.A. Petruzzi

This is a very "fast" painting made in under an hour...letting no paint dry in between using quick paint strokes. I love to paint fast at times:: so fast I'm not thinking, second-guessing myself, pausing to consider form, shadows, values, or anything else....just painting:: painting my feelings, painting my emotions, painting my intuitive responses:: sometimes hope comes from deep inside:: deep down from the inside that is in the present moment:: away from the "mind" or ego that always is racing, thinking, planning, reflecting, deciding::: sometimes it's nice to escape from that::
I think the times I'm happiest is when I'm deep down inside that place: the place where hope, love, and peace resonate without any disruption from the worries of the mind:: worries or thoughts about the day, what was said, who was bothered, blah, blah, blah::::
If I go to that place:: the quiet place that hope dwells:: I'm reminded of my childhood...of days spent in the woods, raking leaves into "rooms" for my home, drawing pictures in the dirt with a mossy stick, wandering from tree to bush, without a care in the world:: safe, happy, with no outer thoughts of the dangerous world or thoughts of others and their thoughts about me. Just happy...being:::
What about you? Where are you happiest? Where does your hope lie? Where does your heart go to when you stop thinking about the life outside?
Quick paint...try it:: if you can't, close your eyes:: and just pretend the mind stops:: time slows down, and you go deep down where that hope and innocence resides:: waiting for you:::

Lots of Artsy Love,