Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let It Go # 1::: I'm Baaaaack:: please come along & share my art journey! Giveaway

Let It Go by K Andrew

Hello--happy chirps and tweets--to all my K Andrew Design fans! Boy has this been a neglected blog (sniff sniff)....however, I'm back and ready to start making art with you each week! Mixed media has always been my first love, so if you want to learn how to draw, collage, alter, and make lots of fun HAPPY ART, then please add me to your blog reader and follow:: I will return the favor!

This is my first painting for the NEW YEAR! It is painted with chalk paints, acrylics:::: I just did a quick little image from my brain so if a feather is out of place, then you know why (heehee)... I also freehand my lettering, but I LOVE the way this turned out! It is now hanging in my home studio!!!

Today is the first day of the NEW YEAR and I have decided to ENJOY my life:: starting with a positive mantra every day!
Today's positive mantra (affirmation) is:::: SAY it with ME my amazing ARTIST friends::

"I am lovely:::
I am secure:::
I determine who I am"

Now say that all day long and *believe* it:: anything that tries to rear up it's ugly little negative head, just LET IT GO...say thank you for sharing, not interested, good bye>>>and imagine it floating up to the sky, releasing you forever!

I have a GIVEAWAY coming soon::: please check back Monday:: so go ahead Follow my blog (if your little arty-heart desires, and leave me a comment:: I'll return the sweet favor of following your blog):: let me know what you are letting go of this year! Will you join me each week in a new artsy adventure??

Ok I have entered this in Chalk-Ah-Lot's chalky challenge (who knew there folks crazy about chalk out there) boy am I excited to be back in this!!!

Lots of Artsy Love,