Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's Get Fancy!

HOWDY my super amazing awesome bloggie reader friends! I am feeling so happy I could burst thru the roof:: eeeeek! I'm not sure how that is even possible, but that's how I'm feeling. Today is teacher work day so I was able to sleep in about 30 minutes, and wow! That felt like the most golden moments ever:::::: then I listened to Tony Samara's winter satsang #4 and that just set the tone for the day: peace, beauty, and true golden inner love.

I work as a visual arts & media teacher at a local elementary school: essentially I work the library, teach visual arts, and broadcasting. Shh....don't breathe a word, ok? I'm going to let you in a BIG and I mean SUPER DE DUPER BIG secret::::: *bolt the doors* and lean in realllllly close::: my favorite part of the non-kid portion of the library job is...... making displays. I think it's my artistic side that gets to come out, and the critics are *always* happy. These kids love my displays and they have no ego: they just tell me how it is! It's amazing!
Well I ordered a TON of new Fancy Nancy books and my sister was tossing out some lemonade box pieces::: so here is what I created with the used box pieces, tissue paper, and more paper! Isn't this Fancy Nancy book display the cutest????????

Needless to say the Fancy Nancy books have been flying off the stacks!!! The girls in my broadcasting group LOVED the display so much they did a short clip about the display for the morning show: They have the brightest and sweetest personalities::
Check out Fancy Nancy's official site for super cute books, activities, and more!

Lots of Artsy Library Love,Kristal