Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shine On::: Beautiful Faces: Awesome GIVEAWAY

Happy morning, my happy friends: I hope your day today is shining:: beautifully shining from the inside out!!!
Let's do a fun giveaway::::
Shine On by K Petruzzi
Materials: Watercolor paper, Golden Interference Fluid Acrylics, Golden heavy body acrylics, Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils (I will have all of these for sale super soon in my online store, The Happy Lark, so if you are interested, please email me and I will give you the best price possible!)

So I made this cute little Sunflower Girl in my art journal (How many of you have one of those??) and I used all golden colors on her, because one of my favorite sayings is SHINE ON:::
I love this saying because no matter what is happening it keeps me sunny:: like a beautiful sunflower basking in the sunshine::
WE all know being in the sunshine is WONDERFUL! It's so amazing when everything is going so right in our lives and the skies are clear and full of sunshine:: man is it great to be alive during those times!
As we all know, life isn't meant to always be on the upside; sometimes it's on the down side. Sometimes skies get cloudy, gray, or just plain stormy! Those are the times it's hard to shine on, it's hard to smile, and it's hard to put that spring in our step!
I became so bothered by hard times, that I was always focusing on getting out of those dark times and on to the bright times. Then I heard a spiritual master say that life isn't always supposed to be happy. In fact, it's impossible in the rhythm of life to always be on the UP:: it's scientifically just not possible. It's not earthly possible:: we are beautiful everlasting souls:: yes that is true. Yet we are having a human experience:: and having a human experience means we are tied to the earth plane:: things go up and they come back down: it's a constant rhythm.
It was in that moment, not too long ago may I add, that I realized the down times would always come around. Boy is that tough to think about. The yang will always come around: but the good news? Is that so will the Yin: so will the happy times, so will the beautiful moments.
There is always a rainbow after the storm:: this we know. Yet I wondered, why have the STORMS? Why???
I like to now think that if I must go thru them, then maybe I can smile anyways: maybe I can see this as a valuable learning experience:: a time that will perfect and grow my soul:: just like a sunflower: there is a constant cycle: grow, learn, move on, and come back again.
So I'm trying to remind myself that soon it will be time to SHINE again:: there will be clear skies and there will be times that are beautiful and wonderful. I will SAVOR those times, cherish them, and value them. I will save them in my mind for the dark times:: and use them to remind myself that life is a rhythm and good times will soon come...and while I'm waiting for them, I will read, I will pray, I will try to shine on the best that I can.

So this simple little journal page is a nice little new reminder. With that thought of SHINING on, I thought why not put a little SHINE and GLITTER out there? A fun little giveaway that will make someone's smile shine big when they receive it!

The Whimsical Face DVD $39.99

So here we go::: What about a class on how to make GORGEOUS faces????!!!
I have a beautiful new DVD called The Whimsical Face, about drawing faces, by Jane "Danger" Davenport. In this lovely face, she explains STEP by STEP how to use colored pencils to make beautiful faces on your cards, your journal pages, your artwork, your paper pieced creations, whatever your heart desires that could use a beautiful face! This retails for $39.99!

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