Saturday, January 17, 2015

Use Your Intuition: Watery Dreams & Reflections

Along this wonderful journey of re-inventing myself and my life in the past few years....I've been learning to really listen to the little intuitive voice inside me. The one that gently nudges me, or pulls on my mind...the one that whispers yes or no when I'm about to act or speak. So many times, I just pushed that little "nagging" thought right out of my range, and went right on with what my mind or heart was loudly speaking. Well I have realized that little "voice" is my intuition and it is ALWAYS right, and ALWAYS in my best interest.
Here's the other funny thing! When I listen to it, I can hear it louder the next time, and more often. So these days, I'm stopping and listening to it more and more often. It definitely feels odd:: It's different not just going with my heart, running ahead, ignoring that wise thoughtful voice. It's often strange:: how in the world did I know something so personal or insightful my friends will ask?
This is also how I paint, draw, and create....intuitively. I just paint and many times I have no idea where the painting (always mixed media--layer upon layer) is going. I don't worry about that anymore. I simply paint, STOP (this was always the hardest for me before I learned to "listen"), turn the painting, let it dry, and begin again.
I usually have a few repeating symbols I place in my paintings; can you find them?
Watery Dreams & Reflections by Kristal A Petruzzi
Materials: XLG canvas, Golden fluids, inks, various papers,
 paste, mesh, skins, stabilo pencils

Lots of Artsy Love,