Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fly Away Home: A Letter to Every Dreamer

Flying Home by K Andrew Petruzzi
(This is my current work in progress and is sitting on a giant easel in the kitchen)

Dear Creative Friend & Soul-Sister,

I am old in earth creative years (almost 40!), and began my artistic journey many many years ago. I never felt like an artist until recently. When I was a little girl, I knew no boundaries:: I believed life was beautiful, and that I could fly!
I remember dreaming that I could fly. I would play in the woods near my home, making myself a home under the overarching bushes, making little "rooms" from leaves and stones:: I would lay down in the fields of flowers at my house, and dream:: I really could fly. My soul would fly:: only happy things happened in my life. I loved my family, my grandmother was my biggest fan (she let us do art every day together), my Uncle was my hero (he pushed me everyday to the corner store in his robin egg blue wheelbarrow), and bought me a treat. They loved me:: they filled my head with beautiful stories, wisdom, and my heart with beautiful kind acts of love. I was a princess when I was with them.
Then my beautiful wings were clipped: I went to school. Everything changed then. I became shy, lost my confidence, and felt "stifled" and disorganized. I could never find anything each school morning, and was in tears by the time I could get to school. Most of all, I missed my wind beneath my wings: my grandmother and Uncle: they encouraged me, made me believe I was special, valuable, and smart.
As time went along, I coped. I made good grades (never in hand writing), dreamed, sketched, colored, and played teacher. I never fit in really well, had a hard time making friends (I was always reserved/anxious). Then I hit middle school, and friends came easier. Finally high school:: then College. My first college level class that I had was Renaissance Art. I thrived. I could remember every artist, and my life had meaning! There were other people who were JUST like me! Only as my parents informed me, being an artist was NOT an option: people did not make a living doing art. So I went in to teaching:::
Thru my life, I taught, married, gave birth to a beautiful and amazingly eccentric and intelligent Autistic son, divorced, re-married a military officer, moved all around, gave birth to an another amazing little boy, became a graphic designer for the creative arts industry, all the while creating, painting, altering, sketching, and creating even more! I never stopped being an artist::: I just didn't have "permission".

Today, I am a Visual Arts teacher, artist, and remarried to my TWIN flame:: another artist who encourages me:: who whispers in my ear: you are an artist, you create amazing sculptures, amazing paintings, and an amazing life:: my boys think nothing of moving the giant easel out of the way of the microwave, of pushing the many colored water dishes from the window sill, or finding a paintbrush instead of a pencil in their search at night for homework. It is nothing for them to move wire from a bird being sculpted from the table, see my newest "painted canvas" drying in the kitchen, and be surrounded with loads of paintings from their mother and her artist friends:::

My dream came true:::: I lost everything that I had::: my husband, my home, everything I owned:: I lost it all but the most important things:: my two beautiful sons and my creative spirit.

I started over: I flew home to my parents with one suitcase with 4 outfits and the rest with my stamps I had designed and was selling as a creative arts designer. I started working at the local school part time, and met the love of my life waiting in line at Starbucks. From the moment he opened his mouth, I fell in love. Two hours later, he asked me::: is Friday too early for Coffee? and I said, "It's never too early for coffee".....my heartsong began.
Today, I am the proud owner of an Art Studio that should be finished by the summer. The Happy Lark Art Studio:::::

Dreams do come true::: the Rainbow is so sweet after the bitter storm. I dreamed I could fly:: and I did. I had a dream:: I flew to my beautiful home:: the one I've been waiting for me all my life::
Your dream is on it's way::: if you've been battling storms, and waiting for your rainbow:: I'm here to tell you:: it's coming:: it's on it's way::