Monday, February 9, 2015

Hope::: Addicted

Hope by K A Petruzzi, Happy Lark Art Studio
Golden Fluid Acrylics, Inks, Contes, Grunge Pdr

Happy Monday night my fellow artsy souls::: hope you haven't lost your Artsy Mojo this week::: isn't it lovely when we are holding a "mojo hand"? lol! You know that moment that your art isn't bossing you around, but you're bossing it around? haha::; the aha! finally moment! That's the moment I hit with this painting. It's been sitting around for days on my easel: finally I got it:: with a little help from my friends::::
I have a very dear friend who is going thru a tough time:: we've all been there:: you know when you are just addicted and can't break away from someone or something:: even though you suspect it isn't good for you? You just can't stop coming back to the person or thing:: you're addicted. I was there for 9 years:: addicted to a very bad relationship, because it was all I knew:: and I accepted it. I accepted that poor substitute:: because any fix was better than no fix, right? Total addict! Now I'm addicted to sugar and art supplies::: sigh *addict* but I've planted the seed, and I am going to shake the sugar habit:: not the art though *that's healing therapy my friends** lol
Do you remember that song by Dan Seals...addicted? I just thought of it tonight:: nice little listen....

Here's the beautiful news though my brave beautiful one::: once we realize we are addicted, we can break the habit::: no it's not easy for sure...and maybe we can't give up just yet::: but the seed has been planted:: the vibration has been sent out to the universe::: our soul wants to be free:: it is is waiting for the moment you give it permission::: so it waits:: while the seed grows::
Then one day, the seed breaks thru the mud *the yuck* and a beautiful LOTUS blossoms.... breaking thru the mud of the addiction, and the beautiful lotus blooms and reaches way to the beautiful sky:::
Here's the thing:: did you know the lotus initially needs the mud? Here's the other amazing thing:: it transcends it's muddy beginnings::::
Love to each and everyone of you::: let the lotus bloom:: it's worth it:: YOU are worth it:::

Lots of Love and Light to you my Artsy Soul Sister & Friend,