Monday, March 16, 2015

Put a Little Love in Your Heart & a Big Sunshine on Your House

Hahah, gotcha!!! Seriously though I LOVE making my home my beautiful place of creative heaven!!! If I'm going to make anything, it's going to be something that makes my heart sing and my soul just glow::: something for my "safe haven:: my creative nest:: my home"
So I decided I just absolutely NEEDED a giant sun over the garage doors, on the front of my home. I needed a big happy sun each day to welcome me home, and each morning to send me off into the world.

So I set up a scaffold, and got to work! My first step was basecoating a big yellow sun and her sweet arm/ray right over the garage door. Then it rained and rained:: don't you just love delays? heehe:: guess Ms. Ray of Sunshine showed me:: every cloud has it's silver lining:: so yah...I rested! (NOT)

Then this past weekend, Sunday, I was able to start and work on the welcoming ray of an arm (it says welcome gentle soul:: peace and love abound here)...I love dots/bubbles:: so I got to work::: Let me just say my house is OLD:: way older than an antique! So the concrete is very old and bumpy:: I can't get anything on this surface even:: it's a hot mess, but hey what woman doesn't love a challenge???? Today I meandered home from work, and set up to finish the welcome arm, and had the chance to rough in a face (yah it's not perfect, but when you are working on a GIANT face, and you're one foot from it, kind of hard to get a perspective, without climbing down, putting on your shoes, and getting way back to the road)::; so I just winged it!
That's all the progress for now (I only have patience for 1-2 hours at a time as my children run in and out rinsing brushes/water for me, and they tire pretty quickly:: heeeheee, little midgets:: adorable loving little men midgets:: what's better, I ask you????
I will post more soon, when I get the opportunity to work on it....
Have you painted anything at your safe haven lately? If so, please share:::

Love to you,