Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Altered Dolls & Getting Your MOJO back

Seriously, I can't stick with one artistic endeavor:: can you???
So I was visiting a friend, and she had lost her "mojo"...Lord don't we all? So we headed up to the art district and went into a fun gallery:: we forgot about inspiration and bought all kinds of stuff:: heehee but it did put us in the creative mood:::
Then we went to the junk stores all around her area:: boy was that FUN!
So between mojo and junk, here's what I made a bunch of funky "ugly" dolls that definitely got my MOJO going again, and isn't that what it's really all about???
BIG MAJOR plus: my oldest son, 15, is freaked out with Mojo Mama:: she even snuck up behind him and tapped him with her wing:: he shot STRAIGHT thru the roof:: priceless:::
Bird in Her Hair & Love in Her Heart by K Petruzzi 
Materials: Box, Wire, Clay, Paint, Found objects

Mojo Mama by K Petruzzi
Wood scraps, paintbrush, cardboard, burlap, paint, ribbon, buttons, wire

Make Your Soul Happy by K Petruzzi
Wood, Clay, Beads, Trim, Metal Rods, Woodburning Tool

Lots of Happy Love,