Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Becoming a Lotus amidst the Mud

I love the story of the lotus:: how it requires the harsh conditions of mud and friction to bloom into the beautiful lotus that blooms tall above the muck and water:: so I decided for our Monday journaling to do a bit of lotus doodling::
I initially painted the dark black lotus and funky colors::: then I decided to paint a light lotus: it's amazing how just the paint color changes the entire tone of a piece::: which one do you like better? Art journaling class was split: part loved the lighter colored lotus and part liked the darker: Interesting for sure:: I love both but the darker lotus is more striking to me:: of course I love funky colors.
So the lotus is pretty symbolic for me:: I love to think of my soul as a blooming lotus: held down initially by the mud of life: born into darkness, waiting to burst from the seed:: with first the muddy friction is needed to help the soul free itself from it's hard covering:: amazing thought:: our soul needs the friction, the rubbing, the difficulty:: but how amazing the journey and the feeling of beauty and joy once we burst forth from the grit of life.
Then the journey really begins:: true growth pushing the soul to bloom, to reach further and further out of the water:: to the beautiful bright light