Friday, September 18, 2015

Fly Collage

So our first Creative Collage class at the studio was a beginner class:: we created a collaged canvas using vintage & antique ephemera, laces, trims, and displayed them on an easel. The ladies that came were absolutely sweet and engaged the entire time! We had such a wonderful time enjoying each other's conversation, and encouraging each other.
I absolutely LOVE birds: they seem to symbolize hope and uplifting of the soul. Isn't it interesting what we choose to identify with, or gravitate to? My grandmother always loved birds too.
I did use a birdcage below, but you will notice my bird is far above the cage:: perched on a branch:: I always think of Maya Angelou when I see a caged bird:: I know why the caged bird sings::: HOPE
How many times in our lives have we felt like a caged bird? HOPE is the feathered thing.... I think everyone needs a little bit of hope to get us thru those tough times:: hope to know this dark time in the valley isn't going to last forever, hope to know that one day we will soar high in the sky again:: even if it's in our dreams or on the other side. We can all be that small ray of Hope to others: try every day to give someone hope: to be that positive light that says, tomorrow will be better:: tomorrow you will be free from the oppression that cages you today.
Fly by Kristal Petruzzi of Happy Lark Art Studio

Did you notice my little bird is wearing a silver dresden crown? 
Materials: Canvas, Easel, ephemera, vintage bird image, dresden (silver crown, gold border), vintage laces, wood birdcage, leaf millinery, old library pocket/card, vintage potscard/stamps. Kit available here if interested.

Who's ready to let their heart soar today? Go ahead get out all your collected pieces and create a collage or something else that makes your spirit soar