Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OH my goodness::: news news news!!!

I am SO excited to let you know that we have finally completed renovating our studio:: so excited I'm jumping for joy!! This has been a long process:: We purchased the block building in November, and just finished!! I will be painting a mural on the side of the building, so look for that in the Fall:
My art & craft studio is in our historic downtown area on Main Street! I like to call it the SOMA district (South Main):::
The exciting part is I have officially RESIGNED as a Visual Arts Teacher at our local public school to begin teaching at the studio & also begin back blogging/making tutorials. I loved teaching, but decided my time needed to be spent with my father, family, and doing what I love:: healing others thru the amazing power of Art.
YES I will be sharing lots and lots of daily inspiration with you, doing product reviews/giveaways, and teaching classes both in studio and thru tutorials online.
I've enjoyed MANY emails and Facebook messages from so many of you asking WHEN I will be selling products online, the answer is soon::: after I get my studio underway, I will be opening the online portion. I will also be participating and hosting ART retreats in the future, so look for news on this in the near future. Maybe I will see some of you at CHA and NAMTA this year!
I wanted to post just a FEW photos of the studio in progress (this week we hang the sign and boy am I excited!)
See the metal V on the front at the top? That's where my newly painted signs will go! I just finished painting ONE of them for the left side:: sigh:: now for a few more days of painting to do the 2'nd one::
Well one is better than none, right? Lol! Now Tony just has to climb up on the roof and get this heavy sign up there!! It's like cat on a hot tin roof!!!
What do you think? I painted all of this with a brush on plywood::: whew! I hand drew and designed the birds (didn't they do a good job painting this when they had to hold the paint brushes in their beaks? I mean that's pretty impressive, and they are so cute in their berets!

My grandfather was a sign painter before he broke his back (fell off a building painting a sign), and then he opened up his store in Baker (now the Baker Mercantile and Block Museum):: so I was really thinking about him when I was painting this sign:: 

So here's just a couple of quick photos of the studio: I'm still updating and rearranging and will post photos when I finish in the new two days:::

Starting to fill up the racks with Dina Wakley paints::
Watercolor brushes, some washi tape, and fluid acrylics from Holbein. The mannequin will hold the aprons to wear for art classes::

Tony transformed this antique door into a cool shelving unit for my Art Journaling supplies:: still more to add (mixed media journals, mixed media ink pads, and more!

Here's my paint bar:: This is for teaching classes:: paint in bulk! lol!
Happy as a Lark with all this paint! Wait till you see me tomorrow when I tear out the new shipment of Deco Art paints I ordered! Three new lines just came, and I'm waiting on the new Mixed Media line:: eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

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