Thursday, October 15, 2015

Don't Worry About Making Art:: Just Get It Done

What is Art & Who can do it anyway??? My answer each one of us and the need to create began with the One who created each one of us 😊

Since opening the studio I have learned just the word Art can send people into a tail spin:
A spiraling "I am not artistic, can't draw a thing to save my life, tail spin::: funny how some people are intimidated by the word art:
Then there are the few who expect all artists to be able to reproduce Picasso and Da Vinci in perfect accord within mere minutes: it's a definite twist of views and thoughts
I believe we are all innately creative and we are all creators and makers:: each person has a talent: just like each artist has their own style or preferred medium: just because I don't choose to take months or years painting one work like Da Vinci doesn't mean I'm not an artist: we all create from our inner core: our inner most being and I honor and accept that within each student or fellow artist who crosses my path:
We all have our own cross to bear and out own glory to share::
So as Andy Warhol so widely said, "Don't think about making Art, just get it done"::: then while others are deciding if they like it, make more art!"