Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Puppy Love

Becoming an artist is a life-long endeavor: it's more of a way of living that BEING::: it's living every day creatively:: expressing that inner creative urge from the Divine: honoring yourself, your experiences, and your love for life.
So one of the ladies in my art journal morning group has finally stepped out to grab her dream of becoming a dog groomer: she leaves us because now she "has her real job". To honor her, and her beautiful courage we painted a page for giving into our PUPPY LOVES::: our first loves:: our first dream, our first taste of going out on a limb to where the fruit it:: a season of FIRSTS::
An Artist of My Own Making by K Petruzzi

Do you remember any of your "firsts"? Your first love, your first dream, your first challenge, your first marriage, your first divorce, your first home? So many firsts:: and there will always be more firsts: it's up to you:: don't stop living, don't go gentle into that good night:: LIVE, CREATE, LOVE, go out to where the FRUIT is:: and relish that beautiful taste of the Divine in you: