Saturday, October 10, 2015

What is a Home?

Art journaling can be quite unpredictable, vary from page to page, messy, fun, and personal. I love sitting down to a blank page & just letting the process flow. I never know what I'm going to end up with: usually it's my feelings that just pour out of me, and every page is different:::
Fly Home Sweet Song Bird

So in our art journal class, the girls wanted to learn how to create "niches" and pockets to hold journaling tags, ephemera. We used inks, paints, stamps, vintage dictionary pages, and of course how could this be complete without some glitz & glamour? I added some gold German dresden trims & rhinestones (I absolutely LOVE glitter glue & stick on rhinestones, I don't know why but I do)::
So I've often been called a Gypsy (even by my father, and it's a true thing):: I've been all around, and have never settled into a permanent "HOME".  I remember my father telling me in exasperation about 5 years ago, that I needed to purchase a piece of property so I could "nail my feet to the ground". Guess what Daddy, I did it! I bought a property, but it's now an Art Studio:: and I think it's the only place I've felt that is my "home":: I remember before my father passed away recently, he told me he wanted me to have my studio, to enjoy my life:: 
Funny what the word HOME can mean:: to me it's a place I've always dreamed of, a little home for myself. As a child, I raked leaves, stacked stones, draped over tree branches to create my "little home" in the woods where I often played. I dreamed of my forever home with a forever husband (that was only short lived and never the way I dreamed):: it was a place I began my life with my parents, and came back to over and over: 
Then I realized as I aged, HOME isn't a place for me:: it's a feeling: it's a feeling of beauty, of contentment: one of being at peace: I can do that anywhere as long as my soul is still: It is one where I can perch until I need to stretch my wings again