Sunday, October 18, 2015

Whoooos ready for some Autumn fun?

 Whimsical Owl Moon painting by K Petruzzi, acrylics

So a few people wanted a "paint nite" so I painted a quick and easy whimsical owl for the occasion::: everyone did a fabulous job with this cute little guy and we had so much fun!
I made sure to set out some cute cookies and lots of flavored creamer for the coffeeđź’—

I love painting completely whimsical things because no one can mess up an owl wearing a scarf!! Lol it sets people at ease knowing it's something they can personalize and make their own.
Although my little guy is so darn cute I wish I could just squeeze him but alas no owl for a pet and if I did he would probably peck my eyes out and he definitly wouldn't let me put a scarf on him::: so I settle for thisđź’— lol
Wishing you many wonderf autumn nights filled with whimsy, warmth, good companionship, and love in your hearts