Friday, July 8, 2016

Beginnings of Happiness: Bob Ross Challenge Begins

I have not posted all my art comings and goings, because I've been so busy updating the Studio's website/FB and then totally renovating the studio to add the Art Supply store portion. I'm making GREAT headway!
We have the Studio added in the back, and it is LOVELY! I can't wait to get all the beginner's art samples up on the walls, and decorate the doorway and front of the studio. I'm also in the midst of redoing the store portion up front. Now it will ALL be art supplies. I'm getting new professional furniture in with LOTS of supplies. I'm up to my eyeballs in new products; exciting, but SO much to do.
If that wasn't enough CRAZY for anyone, I'm up and leaving for 3 weeks to go to Bob Ross training. Yes you heard it! So when I get back, regular classes will start back at the studio, and I'll be putting up all the new product in the store, and decorating! OMG! How wild is that? August will be a CRAZY fun whirlwind! I figure by October, we will have everything set up. Exciting things coming! VERY grateful for God's blessings; the Universe has been moving me along!
So I got this crazy idea after watching Bob Ross on Netflix (my favorite childhood hero) to start painting landscapes. I've NEVER painted landscapes or with traditional oils (water mixable is the extent for me, with some alkyds thrown in). But with Bob coming on Netflix, it was like a flame was rekindled inside after seeing him again. I've not seen him since childhood on TV!!! So I signed up for Bob Ross certification, signed up to carry his entire line, and started practicing some Bob Ross. Here's my first one, and my goodness, doubt I can ever top this one! lol!
Stay tuned, I plan to try to post a new Bob Ross STYLE artwork each day for the next month. I'll be doing landscapes, animals, and maybe some florals in his style.

Solace for the Soul
K Petruzzi
Oils on Canvas (16x20)

This is where my soul resides::: this painting took me about 6 hours to paint. I never have that much uninterrupted time to paint, so this was VERY relaxing and much needed for my soul.

Happy HeART Thoughts from Me to You,

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