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Welcome! I am a mixed media artist, and I own a small brick and mortar art studio in a little town. I am also a Visual Arts educator at our local K-5 Elementary School. I absolutely love getting my hands dirty with paint, glue, paper, and helping others find joy in creating. I believe everyone is a maker: it's in your genes to create!
You don't have to be a fine artist, naturally talented, or any other nonsense! Everyone can create:: it's built into us. We have an innate need to create from our soul with our hands and to find happiness and purpose in the pure joyful act of creating!
Welcome Art teachers, makers & creative soul:: I am so glad you are here!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you can borrow and use.
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I offer art supplies, art classes, art lesson ideas, creative consultation and art workshops: yes I do travel! I also offer Art Integration classes and consultations for elementary and middle school teachers. Just email me for more details: See you soon my creative fun: may your day be full of love and light:::